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Today, I’d like to share with you some videos I created for my fashion styling business. I created these quick videos to share with the world one of my passions. We all know how much videos on Youtube are viewed by millions of people each day. So, I thought I might as well join the band wagon…hehe


Thank you for liking and sharing them with your friends and family! I really appreciate it!



If you need any fashion and style advice or help updating your wardrobe, contact me through my website at http://www.jackiemstyle.weebly.com or via email at jackiemstyle(at)gmail.com!

Stay fabulous!


My Fashion Stylist Adventure Begins…

Hello lovely people reading this blog! Hope you are having an awesome weekend! Today, I wanted to share with you my website. I’ve been working on making it as professional and appealing to the eye as possible. It’s a lot of hard work when you don’t have a marketing department. But, I was, and always be, up to the challenge. Within the next year, I will be(hopefully) finished my fashion stylism studies and working in my very own studio. It’s still a long road ahead, but an excited one. The pictures below are the inspirations for my dream studio. I love the vintage and romantic feel! What do you think? I can’t wait to have my own studio. 🙂

jackiemstyle promo2

For now, I focus on my studies, keep following my dreams, helping the women in my life look and feel beautiful,  and showing you my outfit inspirations(which is part of my virtual portfolio on Polyvore). Thank you for showing your love and sharing my website and outfit ideas with your friends and family! http://jackiemstyle.weebly.com/

jackie m style promo

Stay fabulous!

Jackie M.


Closet Overhaul

Today, I want to share with you a system which will help you organize your closet. If you are like me, you don’t like breaking your head when it’s time to get dressed in the morning. Yours and my time is much too valuable, right?

Don’t forget to grab some quality hangers for your clothes if you don’t already have them. Wire hangers are only used at the dry cleaners. Also, hang your clothes by categories. For example, work clothes, weekend clothes, party clothes(shiny tops, dresses, etc.) 

What to do with your jewelry? Organize your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces by categories too. A great way to store your jewels is using decorative boxes from the Dollar store. For your most precious jewels, keep them separate in velvet pouches.

In a future post, I will help you organize your jewelry.

This cool graphic from Apartment Geeks tells you how to organize your closet.

So, this weekend, set aside a couple of hours and get rid of the clutter in your closet! Your clothes and shoes will thank you.

PS. If you haven’t worn the clothes or shoes in over a year, it’s time to let them go. Same goes for unflattering clothes(this includes the ones that no longer fit). Clothing charities will gladly accept them and give them a good home. You can also give them to a friend or exchange with her.

If you have any questions, please let me know with a quick comment below! 

Stay fabulous!

Jackie M.