Fashion and Beauty Evening

Hello fashionistas!

This Friday, I’m hosting my first ever virtual Fashion and Beauty Evening on Facebook! I’m kinda nervous but I’m sure it will be a success thanks to all of you reading this today! 🙂

I came up with the idea this morning. Since I graduated from college three weeks ago, I’ve been working on getting myself out there as a fashion stylist. It’s not easy, let me tell you. Every day, I count my blessings and thank the Universe for giving my patience and courage so I don’t give up on my life-long dream.

For the last two weeks, I’ve had a couple of styling contracts which is very good for a newbie stylist, right? Between the two experiences, I really preferred helping a mother of five find her style after losing weight. She was so happy and grateful for my help. How can I not continue on that path?

As for being an assist stylist, this contract allowed me to meet another stylist and ask her questions based on her experiences. However, it also allowed me to realise that I’m meant to help out women(and men) figure out their style or update their current one. My focus is on that. I am keeping my options open if a fashion magazine stylist needs my services because it would be an exciting opportunity.

So, my goal is to focus my energy and positive thoughts on getting more personal styling contracts. And this soirée is part of it!

There will be fashion and beauty tips, games and draws. So, it should be lots of fun. Hope to see you there!

Stay fabulous!

Jackie M.



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