My Favorite Walk In Closets

I love walk-in closets. Since I saw the one Carrie Bradshaw had in her apartment and the one Mr. Big built for her, the idea of having my own has always been in my mind.

The first step in realizing such a dream is to get inspired. My dream closet must have a high window and a window seat, great lighting, a lounge chair, with a classy vintage feel.

So, I begin my research on Pinterest. There are so many wonderful ideas. From the classic boudoir to the minimalist, you can find your inspiration.

Here are my top 10 choices! What is your dream closet?

bedroom designs with walk in closets and closet organizing tips:

Best Walk-in Closets - 13 Enviable Closets From Pinterest - Elle:

12 enviable walk-in closets, closet envy, closet design, for the home, blair culwell, the fox and she:

heavenly walk-in closet with a vanity and shoe and purse storage:

Omg I need a freaking attic Walk-in Closet | Glam Style | Attic Renovation | Home Improvement | House Remodel | Interior Design:

I seriously want fresh flowers in my walk in closet... wait.. first i need a walk in closet...   19 Luxury Closet Designs | Decorating and Design Ideas for Interior Rooms | HGTV:

Isn't this master closet a dream? Crown molding, baskets, bench, chandelier, island, glass door inserts, marble countertop, raised panel, shelving, hanging:

Paint the interior of your closet a rich jewel tone, and add a light and a mirror to make it glow.:

Walk in Closet And Dressing room with Closet Island ! by ML Interior Design.:

Walk in closet window seat:



Tips for Organizing Your Jewelry

Today, I want to share with you ways to organize your jewelry. As a professional stylist and home organizer, I help my clients organize their homes and closets with easy organizational tips and decorating ideas! I also help find ways to organize jewelry with some DIY ideas.

So today is is all about ways to effectively organize your jewelry. If you are anything like me, you have a lot of accessories because you need something for every occasion! So when it comes to my jewelry, I want to keep them easily accessible and easy to grab as I am running out the door. My whole philosophy about organizing is that it should be an easy system to maintain, so I hope that these 4 tips for organizing jewelry help you stay organized!

  • Jewelry Box

Invest in a fantastic jewelry box. Not only does a jewelry box help keep you organized, but it helped protect your glorious jewelry. I always thought that jewelry boxes were only for my precious jewels. So I decided to create all sorts of other ways to store my jewelry. Don’t you hate when all your necklaces end up tangled up? Or your earrings misplaced? Most jewelry boxes come with little drawers so you can organize your jewels. My suggestion is to find a box that will work with all of the jewels you own. I knew I have a lot of earrings, so I needed a box that had lots of space for earrings. This way, I know I will keep things organized because everything has its own place, instead of trying to cram everything into one small space.

  • Dollar Store Boxes and Picture Frames

For my bracelets and chucky necklaces, I use some pretty boxes I purchased at the Dollar Store. They not only hold and protect my beauties from dust and air.For my earrings, I took a picture frame and glued a piece of place mat that has some holes. It’s easy to make and it looks super on my bureau. In this picture, I hung some necklaces on each side, and gave the frame some height with a couple of books(I wrote).20150613_125546


  • Color and Style-Coded

I keep my jewelry sorted based on color and style so I know what I have and can find something to pair with an outfit quickly. By keeping things color-coded, I am also able to see what colors or styles I might need to invest in. For example, when I am shopping and find an adorable necklace, I can visualize my jewelry box and picture if I have something similar. If I can’t visualize it, then I know I probably don’t have it! I also color-code my earrings and bracelets. It helps me keep my jewelry organized so I can find things quickly and easily!

  • Purge!

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to jewelry is holding onto pieces that are out of style, broken or have missing pieces. Go through all of your jewelry frequently to see if you are missing an earring or have a broken clasp on a necklace. If you don’t want to pay to get it repaired, then you need to purge it. Stop letting it take up precious space among the gorgeous jewelry that you wear!


So there you have it! Invest in a fantastic jewelry box, keep your jewelry color-coded and categorized, and purge jewelry frequently, will help keep all of your jewelry organized! Thanks so much for having me share some tips for organizing your jewelry!

Closet Overhaul

Today, I want to share with you a system which will help you organize your closet. If you are like me, you don’t like breaking your head when it’s time to get dressed in the morning. Yours and my time is much too valuable, right?

Don’t forget to grab some quality hangers for your clothes if you don’t already have them. Wire hangers are only used at the dry cleaners. Also, hang your clothes by categories. For example, work clothes, weekend clothes, party clothes(shiny tops, dresses, etc.) 

What to do with your jewelry? Organize your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces by categories too. A great way to store your jewels is using decorative boxes from the Dollar store. For your most precious jewels, keep them separate in velvet pouches.

In a future post, I will help you organize your jewelry.

This cool graphic from Apartment Geeks tells you how to organize your closet.

So, this weekend, set aside a couple of hours and get rid of the clutter in your closet! Your clothes and shoes will thank you.

PS. If you haven’t worn the clothes or shoes in over a year, it’s time to let them go. Same goes for unflattering clothes(this includes the ones that no longer fit). Clothing charities will gladly accept them and give them a good home. You can also give them to a friend or exchange with her.

If you have any questions, please let me know with a quick comment below! 

Stay fabulous!

Jackie M.

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday!

Since I was a kid, I loved vintage looks. Heck, I was a vintage kid in today’s fashion world. Velvet bell bottoms, striped turtle neck, Converse shoes… Yep, I was a hype 70s kid and didn’t even know it.

In the 80s, I had my own funky style. Flashy orange, yellows and greens paired with a rolled-up pair of jeans and blue Converse high-tops. I was deep into the British 50s inspired fashion.

Today, after years of perfecting my own style, I love classy vintage looks inspired from Europe. I love fashions from the Edwardian period. I guess you can call me ecclectic.

Every Friday, I will be posting looks from different decades.

Let’s start today with some fun looks from the 80s! Remember these?

Alyssa Milano: Champion Of '90s Style... Remember having so much of these similar outfits!! LOL:

Bananarama — Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin & Siobhan Fahey. Great representation of new wave style.:


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